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Elvish Love Ring

Beautiful, solid silver band with the Elvish Love script engraved around the outside.

The Elvish Script reads:
'One Ring to show our love
One ring to bind us
One ring to seal our love
And forever to entwine us'

Attractively boxed - perfect!

Product Code: RNG004487

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Handfasting Ring

Good, thick, solid band of sterling silver. This Handfasting ring is inscribed with Theban script and pentacles around the outside, with the inscription around the inside of the ring reading 'Heart as one'.

Product Code: RNGPSTR1057

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Pentacle and Triquetra Ring (Sterling Silver)

A ring that symbolises the Craft to perfection. A central pentacle with a Triquetra standing guard either side. Not too flamboyant, a simple, unobtrusive ring for the Pagan.

Product Code: RNG002358

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Celtic Pentagram Ring (Sterling Silver)

A lovely Celtic style pentagram ring in sterling silver. Most suitable for the ladies, Pagan protection to last a lifetime.

Product Code: RNG001966

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Pentagram Ring - Bronze

A chunky, pentagram ring with black enamelling. Cast in bronze, this ring is probably more suitable for a gentleman as it's quite large. The ring has patterned shoulders, plain band and a domed top bearing a pentagram.

Product Code: RNG008770

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Ring Sizer Band

New ring sizer gauge that works like a band. Simply push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape.

Slip the multisizer onto your finger, adjust to give a comfortable fit, checking that it just slips back over the knuckle.

When the best fit is achieved, read off size indicated by the arrow on the printed scale.

Re-usable and more accurate that the cardboard version.

Product Code: RNG006049

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J B - 10/07/2012
I have ordered before and was pleased with the goods and service which is why I'm ordering again. Many thanks.
S B - 10/06/2012
I was looking for more varieties of crystal egg really, but what you had was nice selection. I found it hard at first to understand why the site would not let me checkout my goods then I noticed the minimum order statement and so ordered more, perhaps you could make this more obvious, other than that nice site, good prices and I didn't feel I was being ripped off at all.
V W - 22/05/2012
everything that was looking for and priced nicely
F M O - 16/05/2012
This site has improved since I last used it and it was already good then!
S H - 21/04/2012
I was looking for some flower-smelling perfumes, would you consider stocking such items? Otherwise I think you have a fantastic website, your service is always very quick and reliable,
L E - 21/04/2012
L B - 19/04/2012
love your website and hope i will be using you again in the very near future
J H - 14/02/2012
Very pleased with my purchase and the very fast delivery. I will be a regular purchaser as im so pleased with everything. Superb service>
L M - 11/02/2012
Have used your site twice before & the quality of your crystals are superb. You keep your delivery charges low but despatch orders very quickly & with a personal touch - Hard to come by these days! Thank you - Lorraine, Cornwall.
A G - 07/02/2012
I am very excited to receive my order. I am so happy to have found it on your site.

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